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As part of group exhibition 'Invisible Hands' curated by Emireth Herrera at 601 ArtSpace

Year: 2023
Medium: Wood, marble, plastic, aluminum, speaker audio (10:15 min, loop), amplifier, grout, steel, fire extinguisher
Dimensions: 90 x 48 x 16 inches

Sentry is an interactive sound installation in the shape of a marble lobby pillar. This project follows the story of Hernando Restrepo, a doorman at the Museum Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Hacmon’s and Restrepo’s collaboration provides a glimpse into Restrepo’s story and artistic practice, including his painting In the Realm of Thoughts. From an air vent in the pillar we hear an audio recording of Hernando narrating his history as a Colombian immigrant in New York. Accompanying the installation, a painting by Restrepo features postcards from Cartagena with words in English and Spanish describing memories from his work and travels.

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